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9 Steps to End the Blame Game

How often have you found yourself facing off with someone who is more concerned with placing blame than finding solutions? When it comes to solving business problems, understanding the root cause is important. Blame is not. And there is a big difference. Who Plays the Game? People play the blame game when they’re afraid. Fearful […]

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Afraid to Lead

Leadership or Ownership Ask a group of people what traits characterize business owners and somewhere in the list you’ll probably find the term “leadership.” It’s not unexpected that the public perception of business owners includes leadership. After all, why would someone start a business if they didn’t want to lead it? In reality, it’s not […]

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Facing the Unexpected

Is running a business more than you bargained for? Every now and then I encounter a client or business owner who’s feeling decidedly overwhelmed. What they thought would be “so easy” has suddenly turned into chaos. They’re used to feeling in control, having their sights on the horizon, and suddenly, “Boom!” Insanity reigns. They’re facing the unexpected, and […]

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