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Is Passion at Work Optional?

Meaningful Work, No Passion Necessary The other day I was at the annual launch party for the Edge Connection, a non-profit organization the helps women, minorities, and veterans create economic self-sufficiency through entrepreneurial training. In other words, the Edge Connection gives people tools to create their own future. Sounds like a purpose-driven organization to be sure. Jim Beach […]

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Success: It’s All About Accountability

We’ve All Been There When I was 3 or 4 years old, I slipped a roll of LifeSavers into my bloomers (yes, I wore bloomers) while my mom was checking out at the grocery store. I had begged her to buy them for me, and when she declined, I took matters into my own hands. Once […]

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The Trust Barrier: Is it Blocking Your Success?

In my work, I find that clients who effectively delegate and create a team of trusted advisors are exponentially more successful than those who don’t. It’s simple: leaders can’t do it all. Delegation is required for any business to grow. Whether you’re a soloprenuer seeking to expand your customer base or a Fortune 50 executive […]

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