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To Hug, or Not? Two Views on Whether Hugging Crosses the Professional Line

by Joellyn Sargent and Paul Mendel Hugging is a Touchy Topic Joellyn’s Perspective “Should you hug your clients?” That’s the question that came up as Paul and I were having coffee recently. We live in the South where hugs between friends and associates are not uncommon. Does that make hugging appropriate? Where’s the line? What’s […]

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Death by 1,000 Subscriptions

I just cancelled two membership services. Big news, huh? Not really. The move will save me about $160 month, not quite $2000 a year. That’s a significant savings, but it won’t make or break my business. What if I had 10 times that number of subscription services? For a business with 16 employees using just […]

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