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Speaking Topics

From Barcelona to Vancouver (and lots of places in between) business owners attend my talks to find inspiration and motivation, unleashing powerful momentum for change.

Choose from one of these popular presentation topics for your group, or contact me for a customized presentation or keynote.

Success without Sacrifice: The Fine Art of Fusion

Let’s face it: work-life balance is a myth. But you can still get what you want, be who you want, and thrive on your own terms. Joellyn’s Four Fusion Principles can make all the difference between feeling energized and optimistic or dreading getting up in the morning.

The Profit Zone: Connect Brand Promise and Customer Reality for a Better Bottom Line

The world is full of missed opportunities to deliver on brand promises, and the future of your business depends on avoiding them! Joellyn shares powerful insights on the value of expanding your Profit Zone™. If you want to accelerate growth and improve profitability, start here.

Lasting Value: SCORE™ with Compelling Customer Experiences

Your customer relationships should deliver long-term benefits. Joellyn explains the five make-or-break elements of customer relationships successful businesses must master. Applying her unique SCORE model gives audiences a competitive edge with loyal customers and enthusiastic brand advocates.

Rebound! Overcome Obstacles, Bounce Back and Build Vibrant, Profitable Businesses

Joellyn offers principles for resilience that anyone can use. Full of personal experiences and candid lessons, she combines humorous insights and practical tips for bouncing back. Joellyn inspires audiences to take decisive action and learn to live well.
This session is suitable for business groups, associations and audiences of unaffiliated individuals.

Master Your Mindset: Making Business–and Life–More Fulfilling

Joellyn helps audience members create the right mental framework, releasing the past in order to embrace the future. There’s no psychobabble or new age thinking here, just forthright, practical advice and interactive exercises with immediate impact.
This session is ideal for audiences at all levels – from entrepreneurs and executives to front line staff.