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Books & Articles to Help Your Business Grow

I’ve written a number of books and in-depth articles on business growth and strategies to connect with your ideal customers. My writing addresses topics ranging from building your brand to retaining customers and engaging employees.

The articles below represent my latest thinking and fresh ideas you won’t find elsewhere. It’s my pleasure to share them with you, free of charge.

Meaning at Work – It’s Not Just for Millennials
Millennials Opened the Door, But Today, Meaning is for Everyone Employee engagement is a hot topic, and it's hard to[...]
Trust as a Catalyst for Growth
Trust Matters We all know trust is important to business, but how much does it really matter? A lot. Trust[...]
Corporate Culture: The Key to Customer Experience
Beyond the Front Line Most leaders understand front line employees make a difference in customer experience, but front line interaction[...]
Targeting the Right Customers for Exponential Growth
"Everyone" Is Not Your Prospect It can be tempting to see the world as full of potential customers, but trying[...]
Build Customer Relationships that Last
Do you really need to delight your customers? If you’re at all concerned with lasting customer relationships, you’ve probably heard[...]