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Growth Consulting & Advisory Services

When the future of your company is at stake, choosing an advisor can be scary. As a business owner myself, I understand the leap of faith you’re facing.

You want a marketing expert who balances practical knowledge with provocative insight. Someone who helps you see solutions clearly and take action quickly.

Most of all, you need results.

Fix those Sticky Business Issues

I’ve helped hundred of entrepreneurs work through sticky business issues, offering insightful, strategic advice to:

  • Grow faster, increase revenue or improve profitability.
  • Build a brand, rebrand or repair their brand image.
  • Enter new markets or decide when to exit.
  • Win new customers, reduce churn and improve loyalty.
  • Engage employees and inspire a shared vision.

To learn more about custom consulting, contact Joellyn. You might also be interested in a SPLAT Session, an intensive and highly focused strategy program, or Express Access consulting if you have an immediate concern.

A You Prepared to Work with a Consultant?

To be sure you’re ready, ask yourself these five questions:

1. Am I ready to listen to advice, process it, and take action?

2. Do I have the confidence to address unpleasant truths about my business?

3. Am I comfortable feeling a little uncomfortable to effect change?

4. Do I accept that creating lasting change takes time? (Growth is a long-term endeavor.)

5. Do I think I know everything already? (If so, we’re not a good match.)

If you answered “Yes” to the first four of these questions, let’s talk.