Express Access Consulting: Welcome to the Fast Lane

Welcome to the Fast Lane

Clarity on Call: Express Access Consulting

Sometimes you just need a shortcut to success, and Clarity on Call is it. My express access consulting option gives you fast access to me—typically within one business day—when you simply can’t wait.

This is the ideal solution when making high-stakes choices, for a much-needed confidence boost, and to ensure you’re on the right path. I’ll be your expert sounding board for…

  • Unbiased advice before making a pivotal decision.
  • Objective insights on unexpected opportunities.
  • Practical approaches to urgent problems.

How It Works

Clarity on Call gives you up to an hour of high-impact remote business consulting with me via phone or Skype. You also get 3 days of unlimited email access following our call to nail down answers to any follow-up questions you have.

Even if you’re not my consulting client yet, you can use express access to “pick my brain” for valuable input on how to handle a difficult situation, deal with a surprise opportunity, or prepare for an important meeting.

When Winging It Won’t Work

Lots of entrepreneurs make seat-of-the-pants decisions. The “trial and error” approach is fine when stakes are low, but what about when there’s a lot more on the line?

Can you afford to waste time, money or even your reputation? Should you go with your gut, or talk with an expert to validate your thinking?

You can hope for the best on your own…or seek advice from someone who’s been there.

Winging it is a dangerous strategy. If you want to make more confident choices or if you need someone to point you in the right direction when you’re mired in uncertainty, I can help.

Ready to Roll?

Sign up now in three simple steps:

  1. Click the link below and submit your on-time payment of $495 (you can use PayPal or a credit card).
  2. Then you’ll be taken to a page when you can provide your contact information and a little info about what you’d like to discuss.
  3. Once your payment is processed, I will contact you to schedule your call.