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Fusion Coaching

Build Your Business and an Amazing Life

Are you struggling to keep your dreams in sight while managing the day-to-day pressures of running a business? Is there never enough time to do all the things you want – or need – to get done? Have you created something amazing, but can’t find the right customers to buy it?

You expect that following your passion would be exhilarating but instead, you wake up and wonder if you’ll ever make it work. How long do you keep going when all signs point to fear and frustration?

I’ve been there!

I know from experience how difficult it can be to build a business. I beat my head against the wall many times before I finally cracked to the code to winning customers and generating income. You don’t need to do that!

Life is too short to lose precious time experimenting on your own when the answers you crave are available right now. The choice is clear: you can keep stumbling along, or take a short-cut to success.

If you’re serious about creating a business that provides the income you need to achieve your dreams, don’t go it alone. The right guidance and support will make you more confident in your decisions. You’ll learn to focus on what’s most important and not waste time chasing rabbits down holes that lead nowhere.

Why Coaching?

Fusion Coaching is all about finding the right formula for personal and business success, so you can live a fuller and more rewarding life.

Working with me one-on-one gives you access to business expertise, pragmatic advice, and loads of encouragement to support your journey. In the spirit of keeping it real, I might also give you an occasional dose of “tough love” if you need it. (Because what’s the use of a coach who lets you lie to yourself?)

Whatever stage of business you’re in, I’ll help you feed your spirit, live into your purpose, and create a meaningful legacy….all while running a profitable business.

Feed your spirit, live into your purpose,
and create a meaningful legacy.

We’ll clarify your priorities and develop your unique Fusion Formula. You’ll discover how to use the four elements of fusion (people, passion, power, and persistence) to improve your life and business, enabling you to reach fearlessly for your goals.

How it Works

Step One is applying for coaching. I’m selective about who I work with because I want to be sure my coaching clients get the most benefit from our work together. After you complete the application, we’ll schedule a chat to see if coaching with me is right for you.

Are you coachable? Will you stretch outside your comfort zone? Do you have faith that growth is possible? My most successful clients are open-minded, curious, and passionate about what they do.

Once you are approved for the program, we’ll begin with an intensive kick-off session. We will discuss where you are now and what you want to accomplish. Our conversations are completely confidential and there’s no judgment involved. This is your opportunity to be open and honest about what’s most important to you, so don’t hold back!

We’ll explore the challenges you face and prioritize the items with the greatest value and impact. With these priorities in mind, I’ll recommend some quick-start actions so you can enjoy immediate progress.

After the kick-off call, we will talk three times a month at scheduled times. During these calls you’ll get valuable advice and feedback on the work you’ve been doing. (Yes, there’s homework!) We’ll talk about the next steps and address any roadblocks to keep you moving forward.

Get Real Results

I believe in results-oriented coaching. Our work together will help you focus your energy and take action on your most important goals. Whether you want to increase revenue, improve your quality of life, or create more freedom for things you love, there’s a roadmap to get you there

You can use Fusion Coaching to:

  • Rediscover your inspiration and motivation (your big “Why”).
  • Overcome stubborn obstacles to growth.
  • Free up time for family, friends, hobbies, and community.
  • Get better managing competing priorities – and saying “No” when you need to!
  • Improve your mindset, focus, and overall outlook on life.
  • Cultivate valuable relationships in your life and work.
  • Increase energy and rediscover your enthusiasm.
  • Replace a sense of frustration or helplessness with personal strength and power.
  • Chart a path for your business that serves your life plan.

Fusion Coaching starts with a 4-month engagement, which may be renewed for up to one year, based on mutual agreement. The program fee of $2997 includes all scheduled calls, personal feedback on your work (websites, marketing copy, etc.), and priority email access for any questions that arise between calls.

Are You Ready?

Take the first step towards a profitable business and a happier, more productive life. Fill out the application form below and tell me about yourself. I’ll review your application and reach out to schedule a complimentary call to see if Fusion Coaching is right for you.

Fusion Coaching Application