Clear Path Mentoring for Entrepreneurs | Joellyn Sargent

The Secret to Sustained Success

If you have experienced significant entrepreneurial success in the past and you want to sustain that trajectory, Clear Path™ Mentoring is for you. It’s an ideal fit for established leaders who are ready to shift their focus from building a business to creating a lasting legacy.

Accelerate Growth

With Joellyn as your confidential business advisor, the Clear Path mentor program helps you build on your past success and ensure future personal and professional business growth.

This program is designed for serial entrepreneurs and owners of businesses with more than $10M in revenue. The Clear Path program allows you to optimize what’s already working while enabling you to achieve long-term goals like transitioning to new interests, pursuing passion projects or simply conquering your next challenge.

Advice for the Rapid Pace of Life

When you face pivotal decisions or need guidance dealing with unexpected challenges, having the right advisor on your team is essential. Joellyn has been helping entrepreneurs like you for years, with expert advice that extends beyond building your business.

With her distinctive work on “The Fine Art of Fusion,” Joellyn makes it possible for business owners to achieve success at work and at home, finding time for what matters most.

Our work together may include discussions about:

  • Business strategy, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Sales, customer relationships, product strategy, and marketing initiatives.
  • Personal sense of purpose and corporate mission.
  • Aligning internal and external objectives.
  • Competitive challenges, market trends, and revenue growth.
  • Leadership development and pivotal decisions.

How It Works

With this program, you get unlimited, confidential access to Joellyn’s expertise for a period of 6 months. We start by reviewing your current situation, business goals, and personal or professional objectives to create a “hot list” of priorities. Once these have been addressed, you can schedule a call at any time to discuss whatever issue you’d like.

As a member of the Clear Path program, you’ll have an exclusive level of access to Joellyn and it’s up to you how often you engage. We can talk weekly, email daily…or simply connect as needed. You also enjoy the unique opportunity to tap into Joellyn’s vast network of peers for introductions to experts with specialized knowledge should complex challenges arise.

Apply Now

Because of the unfettered and exclusive nature of this program, eligibility is limited to a small number of participants each year. (Existing clients benefit from priority renewal.)

To apply, or submit an inquiry to Joellyn via email.

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