Small Business Advisor | Expert Advice, just when you need it

Who Do You Call for Expert Advice?

The Small Business Advisor program provides
advice when you need it, on topics you choose.

This retainer-based program is ideal for business owners who value the voice of experience. If you want an ongoing relationship with an expert who has walked in your shoes, built a business, and tackled tough and unexpected challenges, this is your answer.

Support When You Need It

You’ll enjoy exclusive access Joellyn, scheduling calls as needed to work through problems and assess opportunities. She’ll provide support, guidance, input, and direction so you can keep your business growing. Your discussions might include:

  • Advice on strategic decisions, business challenges, and opportunities.
  • Feedback on questions about customer concerns, marketing ideas and when to hire or expand.
  • Brainstorming or role-playing with you to prepare for presentations or meetings, test ideas and validate assumptions.
  • Input on marketing, positioning, vendor selection or campaigns.
  • Or anything else related to business growth, leadership, and the fusion of life and work.

How It Works

The Small Business Advisor program runs for 6 months and can be renewed for as long as our work together is fruitful. We’ll kick off with an in-depth discussion of your current situation, goals, and objectives. Then, after tackling your top priorities, you can call or email whenever you like to schedule a discussion. For some clients, this is a weekly or bi-weekly interaction, others reach out every few weeks. The level of engagement is entirely up to you.

For more information, call 678.823.8228 or email Joellyn.