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I have written hundreds of by-line articles and blog posts, as well as a few books. My insights on marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship help readers build their business with confidence.

I also understand the power of play to restore and rejuvenate. An avid backpacker and adventurous traveler, I enjoy writing about hiking, outdoor adventures, travel, and van life just as much as business.

You can find my articles in business publications like CustomerThink and on The Trek and Gnomad Home. Read samples of my work below and be sure to get in touch about your next freelance writing project.

Writing Portfolio

Don’t Let Customer Satisfaction Surveys Tarnish Your Brand
Customer satisfaction surveys originated with good intent. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, things went wrong.
Beautifully Ruined:
A Life Transformed by Time on the Trail
How do you go through a life-changing experience, then slip right back into the life you had before?
Why is Change So Hard?
The perennial quest for change creates a dichotomy between the lessons of the past and the promise of the future.

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